Conservative radio host and former commissioner of the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative under President Donald Trump
Activist and founder of “Comisión Unidos Vs Trata”
Reportera de investigación y colaboradora de Fox News
Fundador y CEO de “i2Co: School of Transformative Leadership”
French Member of the European Parliament and spokesperson for the Rassemblement National Party
French politician serving as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
Senator from Texas
Co-founder and advisor to “La Coalición SUMAS”
President of Guatemala
Inventor of email with a Ph.D. from MIT.
Lawyer and federal deputy reelected in Brazil.
National Director of public matters, lobbyist and spokesman for “La Iniciativa LIBRE”.
Senator of Colombia, re-elected in March 2022 as the most voted female congresswoman in history.
Global security expert specializing in trans-regional threat network analysis.
Chief strategist during Donald Trump’s presidential administration.
PhD in Political and Legal Philosophy, author and speaker.
National Senator of Paraguay.
Political leader. Vice-president of the Alianza Republicana Nacionalista party and deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador.
Congressman and former Senator of the State of Tennessee (USA).
Founder of the Republican Party of Chile.
Economist, National Deputy for Buenos Aires, Argentina, and leader of the political coalition “La Libertad Avanza”.
Leader of the Polish “Solidarity” trade union that overthrew communism. Former president of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Leader of democracy in China. Academic, #HRD activist, architect.
President of the Japanese Conservative Union and co-host of the first CPAC Japan.
President of the organization “H.E.R.O.” and director of “The Vulnerable People Project”.
CEO and co-founder of DH Global Strategy; and founder and president of the Conservative Union of Guatemala.
Founder and CEO of Voz Media, Inc. and Vice Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party.
President of the NGO “Global Human Rights League”.
Former Director of Planned Parenthood, now pro-life advocate, and CEO of And Then There Were None.
Attorney and policy advisor on immigration, national security and international trade.
Chief Operating Officer of Voz Media, a Hispanic-conservative media company in Dallas.
News Anchor and Executive Producer of Voz Media.
Professor and researcher specializing in philosophy and ethics of technology.
Founder and President of Operation Underground Railroad, dedicated to investigating and dismantling child trafficking networks.
Director of the Center for European Studies at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium in Budapest.
Writer, political consultant, PHD in Human Rights and Master in Philosophy.
Director of the International Area of Fundación Disenso and visiting professor at the University of Navarra.

President of “CPAC México”; founder and president of “Movimiento Viva México”; film producer.

Director of the Hungarian think-tank Center for Fundamental Rights, organizer of the first European CPAC

President and CEO of the Institute for Women’s Health (USA) and President of Artifex Strategic Advisors (USA).

National Secretary of “Directorio Democrático Cubano”. Cuban writer, activist, professor and analyst.

Former director of three Planed Parenthood clinics, where she was “employee of the year” in 2016 and is currently a whistleblower against them.

U.S. Ambassador in Mexico from 2019 to 2021.

President of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles and President of the International Human Rights Group.

Jurist and Minister in Hungary.

Businessman and President of the Democratic Hope Party of the Dominican Republic.

Founder and President of Bienvenido US.

President of the Political Association “CREEMOS”.

Mexican businesswoman and politician.

Founder and General Director of “Centro de Cultura y Orientación Civil Concertación”. President of “Red de Soluciones”.

General Director of “Conciencia Nacional por la Libertad Religiosa”.

Editorial Director of “SaberVotar.mx”. Coordinator of the “Red de Comunicadores-REC” and the “Hazte Sentir” Project.

Founder of the Civil Association “Pasos por la Vida” and director of the platform “Actívate”.

President of the “Frente Nacional por la Familia” and Vice President of the “Political Network for Values”.

Founder of “Movimiento Social ProLife Army” and Director of “Instituto de Acción Social”.

Co-founder and co-director of the National Youth Association “Juventud Y Vida A.C.”.

President of the political communication platform “Sublevados” and columnist for “Derecha Diario”.